Microsoft adds more parental control options to your Xbox's family settings

Microsoft is adding more options to the parental controls in its Xbox Family Settings app. Let's remember that this Microsoft app is dedicated to parents and combines several tools to monitor their children's activity while playing online.

And now the app is powered by a new dynamic to manage the games of the little ones in this holiday season.

More options to monitor children while playing

Using Xbox Family Settings, parents can manage the activities and time their kids spend on Xbox. And to do this, it provides several options, for example, the possibility to apply filters for the content or different settings for the games.

And while the app already has an option that allows you to limit the time children spend on the screen, now a new feature is added that gives parents more flexibility. This update adds the option to pause screen time.

That way, parents can pause screen time regardless of whether the set limit is not yet met. So if you haven't finished household chores or activities yet, parents will be able to impose this temporary blockade.

Another new feature the app receives is dedicated to game purchases. In this case, it is a feature that is available on the PC and console, and that now joins the app to make it easier for parents to manage expenses and receive notifications when their children are about to make a purchase.

In addition to this new features, the app also has options to approve or reject friend requests, set filters for content based on children's age, and the ability to receive daily or weekly reports on their children's activity.

Of course, these new features along with the previous filters only apply to children's accounts with Xbox Live. All of these new features are being implemented in the Xbox Family Settings app, both on iOS and Android.

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