Microsoft prepares a new way to navigate Windows 10

Microsoft is developing a new dynamic for navigating Windows 10.

While Microsoft hasn't made any radical changes to Windows dynamics in a while, it seems that one of its upcoming updates could change the way we navigate the operating system.

A new way to navigate Windows 10

As Windows Latest mentions, the Microsoft team is working on a new experience for Windows 10 users. The idea is that users can use their voice to navigate the different sections of Windows using a "voice launcher".

This tool will be available in all sections of Windows where there is a search field. So you can use it to search for an application, file, folders, documents, settings, etc. This voice control will avoid having to use the keyboard and mouse at every step you take on your computer.

If you scroll through the Start Menu, File Explorer, or Windows Settings, you'll find a new option as a floating window with the microphone icon. An option that will appear automatically unless you decide to remove it from the interface.

And as a bonus, it incorporates the option to activate an "auto-score" function, which will work independently. Apparently, Microsoft is testing this new dynamic of navigation using voice navigation in different languages, including Spanish. And of course, Microsoft expects users to contribute by giving the necessary permissions to collect a series of data related to voice search.

This new voice control mode for Windows is still under testing. But if you manage to pass this phase, it should be available for deployment in the October 2021 update for Windows 10. Yes, there is still a long time to go to see if this new dynamic becomes a reality, but Microsoft may decide to share some details with us as it develops the tests.

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