Microsoft teams add new calling features

Microsoft Teams is being updated with a new call interface that combines all the options users need for communication.

In addition, some options are added so that users can choose the dynamics of their calls, according to their needs.

New interface and more functions for calls

As seen in the image, Microsoft now combines keyboard, voice mail, contacts, call history and settings in one place. So it's just a matter of scrolling from one tab to another within the same interface to access the option we need. A practical dynamic for multitasking and team workflow.

Another option that is enabled with this update is one that allows you to record call conversations, using OneDrive or SharePoint. You can choose between either or both of these services. A plus offered by these new means is that they allow recordings to be shared with users who were not among the participants.

It can become a practical tool for administrators by sharing, for example, transcripts of notes, instructions, or relevant content with new team members. Other options that add up to improve the user experience are spam identification, reverse number search and the ability to combine calls.

Transfer calls between mobile and PC

Another option that Microsoft Teams is considering implementing in 2021 is the one that allows you to configure data settings in a video call. The user will find different options to configure this detail based on network availability.

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