More about fuchsia, google's new operating system

Despite the initial secrecy, Google has not been able to prevent us from knowing that the company is working on a new operating system under the name Fuchsia. The first official track came when last year it launched a developer website, Fuchsia. dev, allowing them to get acquainted with the operating system and how they can work with it, even create applications for it.

But after five years of development, considering that it is a long-term project, comes the first official announcement in the form of an appeal to receive contributions from interested third-party developers.

One more step in the development of Google Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a long-term project to create an open-source, general-purpose operating system, and today we are expanding Fuchsia's open-source model to receive contributions from the public.

In this way, Google already officializes that they are working on their own operating system, pointing out interesting points such as:

Fuchsia is designed to prioritize safety, upgrade capability and performance, and is currently inactive development by the Fuchsia team.

or also:

Fuchsia is an open-source project that is inclusive by design, from the platform architecture itself to the open-source community we're building. The project is still evolving rapidly, but the underlying principles and values of the system have remained relatively constant throughout the project.


Offering all the necessary tools for contributions

Its movement also implies the advent of public mailing lists, governance model, and problem tracker, as in other open-source projects led by Google, such as Chromium or Android.

They further point out that they are introducing a technical roadmap to provide "better knowledge of project direction and priorities", highlighting among their aspects the beginning of work for a "driver framework for updating the kernel regardless of drivers, improving file systems for performance, and expanding the input pipeline for accessibility."

They clarify that, at the moment, there is very little compatible x64 hardware, although developers can make use of the Fuchsia emulator, also offering guidance for downloading and compiling the operating system, which is not yet available to the general public.

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