Netflix launches new resources for parents and children

Netflix wants parents to be able to keep an eye on the content their kids watch, without taking too much time away from them.

To do this, she is making several changes to help parents understand the programming their children follow. And on the other hand, give kids a bonus with printable resources based on their favourite drawings or superheroes.

Netflix's new tool for parents

While parents can take a look at the content their children see, they don't always have time to watch each movie or episode to know what it's about. To facilitate this process, Netflix is testing a new tool: children's activity report.

This report, which is emailed to parents, provides a breakdown of their children's programming, as mentioned in The Verge. This report is divided into different sections, showing which content the little ones like to see, the topics mentioned in those titles (e.g. science), a brief summary of some movies or characters, among other data.

That is, parents will be able to see what content their children consume and what they are about. And of course, you'll also find some suggestions for new titles based on your children's history. So parents can take a look before suggesting it to their little ones or proposing them as family sharing content.

This report is optional, so parents will need to indicate if they want to receive it in their email inbox. And on the other hand, this new tool also has some benefits designed for the little ones of the house.

For example, they will have downloadable printables with characters from their favourite series and movies. And it also contains a series of fun questions about the content they watch and jokes for parents to share with their little ones.

And as a plus to this new help for parents, Netflix is testing a new dynamic based on family profiles. At the moment, all these new features are part of Netflix's testing in certain markets.

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