New free tool for SEO professionals

If you're into SEO, you're probably used to tracking Google results from different countries, seeing changes in Google Images, analyzing last 24-hour results, and many other tasks needed to be able to know exactly what makes a website go up or down between Google results.

It's not easy to do all that, it often requires having a VPN to change IP and make the search engine look like we're in other countries, but now a time-saving solution has been born.

It is a Chrome plugin, created by Dave Sottimano, available from GitHub (not from the official store). With it, we can use the search field as if it were a command console, with commands to show results from a specific country, for example.

We can program our own parameters. In the example they show on the web they use (; esp) to display results from Spain, but you can use anything, such as ; (country) (interface), to give another example.

If we look

Pizza; g bride

I would look for results in Brazil, with a French interface for German results.

It is also possible to quickly switch between search types. Here, we move from cat news to videos, images and reset with a single parameter.

You can change the default operator. The forward slash is good, but it can be a conflict for some searches, but it can also be modified.

Another example seeks SEO updates in the news, with 100 results from the last 24 hours, and can search for various data, such as our public IP address.

It is also possible to configure shortcuts and search only on certain sites, use operators, return a limited number of results and remove the duplicate filter...

At the moment they don't put it in the official Google store because they don't know how it would affect intensively, but if in a few weeks everything stays and Google doesn't break it, they'll put a better version with a GUI for the setup.

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