Nintendo, microsoft and sony team up to make online gaming safe

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony will work together to define certain principles around the security of online gaming.

This collaboration will lead to new tools and new codes of conduct to prevent harassment situations and other situations that threaten user experience and security.

New tools and principles to make games safe

As part of this new initiative, they announced several steps they will take through their platforms to contribute to online gaming security:

our belief that protecting online players requires a multidisciplinary approach, one that combines the benefits of advanced technology, a support community, and trained humans. [...]. This partnership means our commitment to working together to improve player safety and ensure that games remain truly for everyone.

They especially want to take care of children and young people who spend time in online video games so that they do not prey to harassment and other inappropriate behaviours. To do this, they will apply several measures and changes.

For example, they announced that they will implement a new system so that parents and players have more control over the gaming experience as well as new security tools. And of course, for this to fulfil their goal, they are committed to using all their means (platforms, support, websites, etc.) so that users know all the options available.

On the other hand, they will work with other organizations and experts to address different initiatives around online security in the context of games. They will also invest in technology so that inappropriate behaviours do not overshadow the player experience.

And of course, they will provide players with tools to report any hateful behaviour and harassment, and ensure that all participants are aware of the code of conduct established by their platforms. These are the general principles on which they based this new initiative, although they have not yet mentioned the specific changes that will be implemented on each platform.

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