PhotoRoom, the app to remove the background of the photos comes to Android

Photo room is an application that many in Spain know, at least those users with an iPhone. This app had already been available for iOS for a while but is finally released for Android devices. It is a very useful tool when it comes to editing images because it allows you to empty the background of the photos.

photo room is a good option when it comes to uploading photos on social networks: it allows you to empty the photo background, create collages, or edit photos, among other functions. These functions allow it to be an application to consider for those looking to be able to edit photos without resorting to a very complicated app.

That's PhotoRoom for Android

photo room is an application that has many tools to edit photos. Its most noteworthy function is the possibility to empty backgrounds, as well as being able to crop people from photos perfectly. Although it is not the only one, because we can also create collages, inserting all kinds of elements into the photos (text, objects...)...) or edit photos that we have already taken, altering certain aspects of it.

One of the great advantages of this application is that it has a very simple to use interface. Unlike other image editing apps, it's going to be easy to make the desired changes to the photos. The controls are simple, so if you want to add text or change the background, it's going to be easy for you.

Also, it has a large database with more than 1,000 templates, to be able to create the compositions that we want. There are all kinds of options, from collages, funny photos, photos for a card or all kinds of templates for social networks or web pages. While only a few templates are free, to access all you have to use the paid version.

For users looking to edit photos to upload to social networks, or search to make certain edits such as emptying the background or deleting someone from it, PhotoRoom is a good option to consider. It provides many functions, but it does so with an interface suitable for users with less experience in image editing applications.

How it's downloaded on Android

From today we can download this app for free on Android. The main functions are available in this free version, although if we want to have access to all the tools and templates, then we have to resort to the paid version of it. 

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