Pinterest brings new features to manage dashboards

Pinterest is bringing three new capabilities to its platform to help users get better inspiration and planning through their respective boards, as they just announced, ideal for making it easier to choose the best gifts for this
Christmas, for example.

But also, they have taken advantage of their communiqué to share the important routine change observed in users in all recent months as a result of restrictions by the coronavirus pandemic, increasing not only on-screen exposure but also an increase in searches, board creations and saved pins, especially in the topics related to baby items, home décor, sports training and taking advantage of savings from un real-time activities, such as travel, for the purchase of other varied products.

New features focused on dashboards

Therefore, the platform now has the private notes function, a section that will allow users to write personal notes about those pins that they have saved in their accounts as reminders based on the contents of them, either to combine clothes with an add-on, try a recipe with another type of ingredient, among many other possibilities that help users take action.

Also, the new dashboard toolbar arrives now, which will basically live on top of the boards by holding all the possible actions that users can take on them, such as viewing similar pins, accessing notes, or even creating to-do lists, for now.

And finally, it also arrives, but in this case, in the testing phase, the board favourites feature, which will basically allow users to choose (or highlight) those relevant pins in front of the other pins they have on each of their boards.

In practice, this feature will also allow users to organize their boards based on pins that have marked as favourites, accessing the best ideas and taking better actions.

Arriving at Christmas gates

The arrival of these features at this very moment is not coincidental, as we mentioned at the beginning since the period of Christmas purchases has begun, that this year is taking a clearly online approach, and obviously Pinterest also has product sales features, where users can purchase favourite products through the purchase pins, so it adds to this Christmas period to facilitate online purchases of gifts.

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