Samsung Galaxy S2 receives Android 11 with a LineageOS ROM

Almost a decade ago the first image of what was then Samsung's flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S2, was leaked. This terminal began the company's tendency to create an exceptionally powerful terminal every year, almost without shortages, something that its predecessor could not boast about.

Of course, many years ago users who bought this mobile, including myself, replaced it with others. A decade is a long time in many respects, but in technology, it is almost another era.

However, some developers like to keep fretting with such devices, such as those who have created nothing less than an operational ROM for the Android 11-based Samsung Galaxy S2.

LineageOS 18.1 takes Android 11 to Samsung Galaxy S2

As with all ROMs, especially at the beginning of their development, the functionality is broad but not total. In this case, we know that the screen works, as well as audio or Wifi connectivity. We can even make calls, even if we don't get them.

Obviously, this will get better over time but it's not a project to use on your main mobile if there's someone who is 2020 uses a Galaxy s2 as their primary mobile.

Despite that, if you have any of this model's drive home and want to try to poop a little bit this is a good opportunity. You can download the ROM and follow the developers' tips from this XDA Developers forum thread.

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