Samsung will also launch its own object tracker

It appears that Samsung will not only present the new Galaxy S21 phone series on January 14, as some rumours suggest that new Bluetooth-based location devices, which Samsung has also been working on for some time, will also appear in scenes.

That's right, so-called Galaxy Smart Tags are also a few weeks away from being presented in partnership, and like the competition trackers, it will allow users to localize keys, wallets, as well as those other elements where they have inserted one of these location tags.

Samsung will help locate lost items

The 91mobiles publication released a few days ago that references to the new Galaxy Smart Tags already exist in the APK of Samsung's SmartThings app, including images and a GIF, thus confirming the design already seen days ago in the South Korean Certification Authority listing.

Similar to Tile's, these location labels will be square-looking with rounded vertices, carrying inside a ring in the centre that, as the publication believes, could be a button.

In addition, these labels would also have a hole, which would make it easier to link to other types of objects such as keychains or other devices that might be corded or similar.

It is known that each label would cost about 15 euros and that it is Bluetooth LE certified to work under Bluetooth v5.1 connectivity. According to the aforementioned medium, we also know that it will be compatible with Samsung SmartThings Find.

Joining the competition of this segment

It's interesting to know that competition grows in the object tracker segment, where Tile is the big benchmark in this segment through the various tracking solutions it has been available on the market for quite some time, and that Samsung now wants to equate Apple with AirTags by launching its own equivalent solution.

There is not much left to know all the details about these new devices, which if everything goes according to plan, we will know in a few weeks, and that will surely promote the ecosystem of Samsung products and services, helping all those who are usually lost any type of object, having on mobiles the best option to re-locate them without wasting hours and hours of searches anywhere possible.

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