Shopping in reels, instagram new feature to use in reels and promote purchases on the platform

If already with the integration of reels as part of the Instagram content creation options I was making a clear gesture of challenge to TikTok, now with its new feature there is no doubt that the platform is determined to offer competition to the Chinese colossus of social networks.

That's right, it's Shopping In Reels, a new feature that had already been announced in October as a project underway by Instagram.

This, as part of a set of updates aimed at improving the display of content related to purchases within the platform.

Thus, with Shopping In Reels, both companies and creators will be able to tag their products when creating content in this format. In this sense, Instagram stated that there are already many reels that include shopping content allusive to fashionable looks, makeup, skincare, among others.

What it will be like to buy from Reels

Through Shopping In Reels users who access this content and are interested in the products displayed may have the opportunity to purchase, save or learn more about them through the View Products button.

Added to this, creators will be able to have a label named Branded Content that they may have the opportunity to add to their reels. In this way, they will be able to make it clear that their reel has the support of the brand to promote their products, serving, as well as a form of paid promotion.

Also, Instagram spokesmen say that with Shopping In Reels purchases on this platform will have better notoriety than they had before, making this a feature implemented at just a time where video-based purchases are experiencing remarkable consumption among users of this platform.

With this Instagram advances even further in its objective of becoming also a benchmark of online shopping, thus adding to the changes made to its interface to further promote the display of this type of content.

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