Spotify could soon release the most expected feature for years by its users

Quick, think about what you'd most like to see on Spotify! Everyone has their own preferences, but this one we're going to see is the one that's most likely to be repeated.

Spotify is arguably the most popular streaming music platform. It's very complete, and every little while you release new features. Without going any further a few days ago he premiered a new (and controversial) Stories in Spotify version.

But there is a feature that is among the most desired by fans, and they have been asking for it for years: the possibility to listen to your own songs that you have stored on your device, within Spotify. It could come true sooner than you thought.

Hacker Jane Manchin Wong has been examining the source code of Spotify's latest update, and has found a pushbutton that activates the ability to display your own music files that you store locally, within Spotify playlists:

This feature is not yet active and cannot be activated with a hack, but the fact that it is already available (albeit hidden) with its own window in the settings of the Android version of Spotify, indicates that it could become official very soon. It would certainly be a good Christmas gift for Spotify users...

It should be clarified that you can now listen to our own songs on the music platform from your mobile, but you have to sync from Spotify's desktop app (PC), and it's a bit heavy and cumbersome.

If it can now be done directly from the Android app itself, it will make the process much easier for users.

What we don't know yet is how Spotify will implement this feature. If you will play music files directly in local mode, or search for an equivalent streaming version. And it will possibly only be available to paid users.

In any case, it should be said that we are facing a hidden function, and that does not guarantee that it will be officially launched, or that it will do so soon.

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