Spotify has a new option on mobile for you to give away music this Christmas

Spotify is adding a new option in its mobile app for those who like to give away playlists.

A new dynamic that is already being implemented in your iOS and Android app.

How to create a custom playlist on Spotify

Creating a playlist on Spotify is simple, you just choose the songs, you put a title and you're done. But if you want to give a personalized touch, you'll have to try a little harder. And to do this, Spotify is adding a new dynamic so that you customize the cover of your playlist and leave a nice description.

Creating custom covers for our playlists is not something new, but it was limited to the desktop version of Spotify. Now you can do it from your mobile by following a few steps. Just search for the playlist you want to customize, choose the menu from the three dots and choose "Edit".

If the Spotify app has been updated on your mobile, you'll see the "Change Image" option that lets you search for a college you've created or image to customize the playlist cover. That way, you won't have the default cover created by Spotify from the songs, but you'll be able to add an image that's meaningful to you or the person you want to surprise.

Spotify doesn't allow you to design these covers from the app, so you'll have to resort to other tools to create a nice image. Or you can take a picture, add some fun filters to it and use it as a cover.

And to further customize the selection of songs you're giving away, you can add one more detail: a description. Just below the title, you'll have the option to write lines that could be a dedication to a friend, a thank you, or a mini love statement.

And once you finish this process, you can share it directly from Spotify to WhatsApp, Facebook or any app you have installed on your mobile. And of course, you can simply copy the link from the playlist and send it by SMS or email.

This new feature in the Spotify app works on both iOS and Android devices and is available to all users. If you still don't see this update, don't worry, it's gradually rolling out to all users.

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