The 8 Most Box office Christmas movies ever

A divorced father who must take the post of Santa Claus, the most iconic green monster about to steal Christmas or Macaulay Culkin's adventures without the supervision of his parents... these are the highest-grossing Christmas movies in history.

Even in this year so atypical - or more than ever precisely because of it - one of the traditions that survive is to sit down and watch Christmas films as a family. Yes, they may not have a spectacular script or the best Hollywood performances, they have so many colours that they can even make you dizzy and the little ones in the house know them by heart, but year after year, they keep working and dyeing the Christmas magic salon.

In box office terms, some of these films have billed real millionaires in their releases, especially those successful Christmas films in the 1990s and 2000s. Would you guess which ones have raised the most money of all time?

The following Statista graphic reveals in order which Christmas movies are the most successful at the global box office, according to the data provided by the Web Box Office Mojo. Surprisingly, the highest-grossing is the latest, the latest adaptation of Dr Seuss' 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas!', released in October 2018. The grumpy, misunderstood green monster who wants to steal Christmas made a $512 million gross worldwide that year.

Its predecessor, starring Jim Carrey in 2000, is the fourth film set. Silver and bronze are for a Christmas classic: Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2, which chronicle the journeys of the smart and lovable Kevin McAllister, faced with clumsy thieves on two Christmases without their parents. His two films raised $476 million and $358 million respectively across the globe.

Other successful productions in terms of billing are Christmas Carol, Polar Express, Elf and Wow Santa Claus! If you missed any of them, maybe it's the right time to take out the popcorn and surrender to the seamless Christmas charm.

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