The Mycook cooking robot, the best gift for this Christmas

It's almost Christmas! On these endearing dates, we love to be in the company of the family, share with our loved ones a good table and enjoy exquisite dishes typical of these holidays.

To be assured success right now, a cooking robot is an invaluable help. It allows you to prepare a delicious meal in a periquete, even if you don't have culinary knowledge. For this reason, you have to take advantage to treat yourself and give yourself this appliance.

It's also a perfect gift for your family and friends. Today everyone wants a cooking robot, so the graceful person will receive it with great enthusiasm and enormous gratitude. And it is that, by giving this device, you are giving away the possibility of enjoying a healthy and homemade meal every day, evenin the endless days when we do not have time for anything.

If you've decided to give (or give yourself away) a cooking robot, you won't find anything like Taurus' Mycook range. It offers you models of all price ranges so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Apart from great quality, they all share some features and functions:

  • Induction heating,a technology for cooking quickly and efficiently.
  • Integrated balance,an indispensable tool for preparations. Being built-in saves you time.
  • Jar and dishwasher-safe accessories, so youdon't have to waste time scrubbing by hand.
  • Recipe community  isbigger than any other cooking robot. It offers over 11,000 free recipes with daily updates.
  • Mycook App,a mobile app that lets you rate, comment and share recipes, shopping list and many other options. You can interact with other users and your robot.

Mycook Touch and Mycook Touch Black Edition, state-of-the-art kitchen robots with guided kitchen

Mycook Touch and Mycook Touch Black Edition are the most innovative and advanced kitchen robots you can find right now on the market. Both models share much of their characteristics and differ in the finish and materials of the accessories.

The two cook food using their advanced induction technology at a temperature of up to 120 oC. They have ten speeds to suit the needs of each moment, and are very practical because they allow cooking at four levels at once; jug, basket and the two steam trays. Thanks to this, you will save a lot of time in your preparations.

Both Mycook Touch and Mycook Touch Black Edition feature a 7-inch touchscreen and WiFi connectivity. This equipment allows them to offer you not only the function of guided kitchen step by step but also keeps your recipe book updated so that you can prepare thousands of dishes in a comfortable and simple way.

Access to the recipe book is completely free, and through its completely renovated app, you have the possibility to send recipes to the robot, make the shopping list, follow your favorite chefs and much more.

My cook App, the best app for your cooking robot

Apart from its equipment and features, another of the most interesting features of Taurus Mycook kitchen robots is its mobile application. It's available for iOS and Android and you'll be amazed by the wide range of features it offers.

The Mycook app gives you access to the great recipe book of the Mycook Club community that grows day after day. It has a powerful search engine so you can find the recipes you are looking for by ingredients, name of the dish or the cook. Once you choose what you're cooking, you can add the missing ingredients to your shopping list.

In addition, it also allows you to interact with your Mycook Touch and Mycook Touch Black Edition robot by sending recipes. Just choose the recipe you would like to prepare, and from the app you can send it to the robot to start its preparation. And through your device you can follow the steps of the recipe through the notifications you will receive in rreal-time

The large community of the Mycook Club is another of the added values of Taurus Mycook kitchen robots. It's a meeting point where users can share recipes, follow cooks, get recipes to make them guided, rate and save recipes as favorites, or comment on questions or suggestions.

Today, the Mycook Club community offers free access to more than 11,000 recipes, a figure that increases every day because they are increasingly being included. Each of them provides all the necessary information for its preparation with Taurus Mycook kitchen robots, as well as other data of interest, such as nutritional values.

What to prepare for Christmas? Surprise your guests with the dishes of club Mycook

With all the resources offered by Mycook kitchen robots, you'll never go blank. If you do not know very well what to cook at these parties, at Club Mycook you will find thousands of recipes with delicious dishes to surprise your guests.

Another must-have gift for your home this Christmas

The robot vacuum cleaner is another of the most popular appliances, and in your home, it can't be missed. If you don't already have yours, give it to yourself this Christmas to forget about cleaning the floors and let him do it all.

A very interesting model is the Homeland Gyro de Taurus, a robot vacuum cleaner with an elegant design and premium finishes that will leave your floors impeccable. Sweep, vacuum, pass the mow and scrub, and thanks to its intelligent navigation ElegantGyro maps your house to move freely and trace the optimal cleaning route.

It has a remote control and you can also control it through the mobile app, which supports voice control of Google Assistant and Alexa. Also, it offers a great autonomy of up to 120 minutes.

Another alternative to consider is the Taurus Homeland Laser, a robot vacuum cleaner that includes all the features of the previous model and adds some additional options. It offers superior suction power, provides a more advanced navigation system and has more cleaning modes.

Like its younger brother, it also includes a remote control and mobile app and can be controlled with voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant.

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