They create an Spain floating wind system that obtains energy from the sea

A floating wind system to achieve energy from the sea, that is the purpose behind X1 Wind, a project carried out by a Catalan company that is less heavy and more cost-effective than the active solutions are currently active.

The European Commission recently decided to set its sights on this project, providing funding to the developer startup to get it up and running.

Unlike other sea windmills that are attached to the seabed, X1 Wind proposes the construction of a floating platform named PivotBuoy, endowed with a much smaller weight that offers the possibility of making the most of the strong winds that are generated towards areas further away from the sea.

With this X1 Wind hopes to establish a change in the dynamics that govern the production of offshore wind energy. Its operation is supported by a system created from scratch directly focused on the sea, thus dispensing with the classic turbines adapted from the oil and gas platforms.

On the other hand, the developer noted that so far existing technologies have not been able to take advantage of the energy present in the deepest waters, which they estimate is up to 7000 GW.

Several prototypes of this project over the past decade showed success that at the technical level floating wind is a feasible concept, although this requires a reduction in costs of at least 50% as explained by X1 Wind CEO Alex Raventos.

When talking about the design of this wind turbine, it is considered a pioneer, making this the first wind floating platform in favour of the wind.

Since PivotBuoy will be a floating platform on the waves, it can be kept wind-oriented and spinning due to lack of a fixed tower. Its installation will be carried out in the Canary Islands, a place that will serve as a point to carry out the pilot test of this system.

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