This AI makes fun of your musical tastes while analyzing your Spotify account

Spotify has different initiatives that highlight our musical tastes and even creates an annual report on the music we listen to throughout the year.

But if you want a completely different look at your time on Spotify, you can try the AI of "How Bad Is Your Spotify?". Promise to judge your musical tastes in a sarcastic tone as you analyze your Spotify playlists.

An AI that judges your musical tastes on Spotify

As mentioned by the name of this site, "How Bad Is Your Spotify?", it aims to criticize your favourite music with rather sarcastic feedback. Do you want to try it? Just go to this link and connect it to your Spotify account to perform your playlist analysis, among other details.

Once you give the necessary permissions, it will start scanning your account for your favourite music. And then get ready to interact with a sarcastic and cruel AI that will uncomeparously criticize your musical tastes, with comments like these:

You'll see that all the songs you've heard in the last time will be displayed at the bottom as you receive feedback from your bot. A series of questions will be presented for you to enter the game, and in some cases, some audios and quick games will be added.

If you take a look at Reddit, you'll see that some users have shared some of the bot's responses from "How Bad Is Your Spotify?" By now you'll have noticed that it's not about judging your musical tastes in such a way, it's an excuse to put some humour into your Spotify record in 2020.

And while some may find the bot's responses funny, others may find it humiliating and rude. But if it matches your taste and you want to share the test with your friends, just follow the steps mentioned earlier.

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