Tips for managing your subscriptions in the best way

Many of the apps we use on Android have some kind of subscription, think of apps like Spotify or Netflix. Android users in Spain can manage these subscriptions from the Play Store itself at all times. Although there are times when too many accumulate or the expense they involve is too high.

Good management of these subscriptions that we have active on Android is something important. Luckily, several tips can help us manage them well and not be paying more money than we should for having them active today.

Control your subscriptions

You may have accumulated so many subscriptions that you have no idea what services you pay for. If you've signed up for many apps, there's probably one you don't use or need more for, but you're still paying money for each month. Therefore, it is advisable to review from time to time all those applications in which you have a subscription at that time. Since you're likely to see that there's one you don't already use or have no plans to use.

  1. Open the Play Store.
  2. Go to Subscriptions.
  3. Check which ones you currently have active.
  4. Cancel any that you don't use or use anymore.
  5. Control end dates

One thing to keep in mind with subscriptions is that they usually renew automatically, so without you noticing, you've paid another month. Therefore, controlling the dates when each of them ends and maybe entering a reminder in your calendar will give you more control.

By knowing when a specific subscription ends, you can decide before it renews automatically, whether you want to continue using it or not. Thus, there may be some that at any given time you will not renew, saving money thanks to it.

Annual vs monthly subscription

Some services offer monthly subscriptions, but also the ability to pay for a one-time annual subscription. In some cases, such an annual subscription usually offers some kind of discount that makes it cheaper. Disney+ for example, which costs 6.99 euros per month or paying annually costs 69.99 euros, allowing slight savings. If it's a service you're going to use and you have an annual subscription, which has that discount, then you might be compensated for hiring that plan.

You have to differentiate between those services that you really want and you're going to use and those that maybe are for something punctual. For those you actually use, an annual subscription is always a good option. Those who plan to use little time or want to try first, monthly subscriptions are the best option, to get started.

Share subscriptions

There are platforms where we can share a subscription, so we're going to pay less money. Spotify has long had a special plan for families, for example. If you have this possibility, it is a good option to consider, if you live with family members or with your partner, and you both make use of that service in question. Sharing a subscription plan is a simple way to enjoy the service, paying less.

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