Top Nine 2020: Your 9 most popular photos this year on Instagram

Throughout each year we upload several photos to our Instagram profile. In this social network, some take it very seriously and upload one or more photos every day, and there are those of us who spend weeks and months without uploading anything.

There are several ways to know which photos of our profile have had the most likes in 2020, on the one hand, we can see them one by one, which will take us a long time (perhaps several hours), another method is to ask an external app for help.

We are used to rescuing the 9 most liked photos from our Instagram profile using a website called Top Nine. There is also an app version for Android and iPhone.

Let's focus on the Top Nine app for Android and iPhone since that way we will have the result directly on our mobile and we don't have to be moving one device to another.

The first thing is to download Top Nine on our Android mobile or our iPhone and then follow the steps we leave here:

  • Once downloaded we open the app and add our Instagram user and click Continue.
  • Now we add our email and tap Find my Top Nine.
  • In a matter of seconds our result appears, that is, the 9 photos with the most likes of 2020.

The result of the Top nine we have received it in the mail, now we just have to download it and upload it to Instagram. In our case cats could not be missed, since here at Computer Today we are very lovers of small felines. Now we would like to know if you liked your Top Nine 2020 or not.

Since we have our Top Nine there is a very important step and it is to delete our data from the Top Nine website. This is not mandatory, but we do recommend it.

You have to go to the Forget me section of Top Nine, click Start and then write our email. Then click on submit and tell us that in 30 days our data will be deleted.

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