Toyota finally announces production of an all-electric car

Having laid the foundations for eco-driving with its Prius hybrid car, the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has officially announced its incorporation into the electric car market with the manufacture of a fully battery-powered model.

According to reports submitted by the company, it is planned to carry out the construction of an all-electric SUV over the course of the coming months, although the exact date on which this will occur is still unknown.

This is how the SUV will represent Toyota's first electric car, which last year decided to remove the covers from its C-HR, a compact battery-based electric SUV model that shared a platform with the Corolla.

As far as its appearance is concerned, there are still no details about it. However, its silhouette has been made known through the following image:

Also, Toyota has stated that they will make use of the-TNGA platform for the construction of this electric car. This platform is characterized by high adaptability and ability to be modified so that it can be adjusted for use in a specific range of cars.

However, considering that the new electric car will be an SUV, it is likely to come equipped with a decent battery, as well as a range of variants that could include a 4-wheel drive version, which can be inferred when looking at the press images displayed during the announcement.

Despite paving the way for eco-friendly cars 20 years ago with the launch of the Prius hybrid, the addition of all-electric power trains was a late step taken by Toyota. In its defence, the company claims that its purpose was not to go after the search for electric traction trains, as it was something they had so far had no need to do.

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