Twitter reverses and returns retweets to normal

If you entered Twitter in the last few hours you will surely see that "Thank you Twitter" is trending. And no, it's not like Twitter implemented the edit tweets button.

The reason for the euphoria of users is because Twitter has listened to their comments and removed one of their latest changes. Yes, normal retweets are back.

Normal retweets return on Twitter

A few months ago, Twitter changed the way you retweet. When the user chose the "retweet" option he encountered the option to "quote tweets". The idea was that users will reflect on the content they share and add feedback to give context to the information.

However, this experiment did not work as expected by the Twitter team:

Our goal in driving QT (rather than Retweets) was to foster more thoughtful amplification. We don't think this happened in practice. The use of Tweets with citations increased, but 45% of them included one-word statements and 70% were less than 25 characters long

So they've decided to return RT's function to normal. From now on, users will see that the "Retweet" and "Quote Tweets" options are displayed as usual. And this isn't the only change Twitter is implementing, it's also adding a new option to its Themes section.

Twitter will show you the tweets you think you'll find fun

Twitter wants to prove that it can know your tastes with a new experiment that promises to show you the tweets that might be fun for you.

This new alternative will be integrated into the options found in Twitter Topics. That Twitter section with suggestions to follow different topics that might interest you, but with the bonus of receiving only content that may be relevant.

Twitter wants to improve this personalized experience by adding those tweets that might be funny or fun to use based on our interaction on the platform. So if you've liked, retweeted, or commented on any funny comments, it will be used to show you similar tweets.

A dynamic that will work thanks to the potential of an Automatic Learning model, as mentioned by Isabella Turchetta, Twitter's product manager:

To enhance topics like Funny Tweets, we need to understand the emotions behind tweets. So, for the first time, we use an ML model that understands nuanced emotions when learning from emojis to get a broader understanding of what people think is fun.

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