Volkswagen shows its autonomous robot for electric car recharging

Last year, Volkswagen unveiled its proposal for electric car recharging. A system that is based entirely on the dynamics executed by an autonomous robot.

At that time, he shared a video as an illustration of the dynamics of this system, but without showing the actual product. And now he goes further, showing a teaser of the project and a prototype of the protagonist of this system.

What's Volkswagen's autonomous robot

The idea behind this proposal is that the autonomous robot can recharge an electric car in parking areas. From the reload request, connection and decoupling, the robot will perform the entire task autonomously. Of course, this is complemented by an application.

The robot functions as a cargo manager. Moves a power storage unit to the corresponding car and connects it for recharging. And while this process takes place, the robot repeats the same process with another electric car. When the loading process is complete, the robot picks up the unit and takes it to the charging station.

So the driver won't have to juggle to get his car to a particular place, as he simply needs to park it and request recharging using the app. And there's no denying that the robot will bring a couple of smiles to the little ones, as Volkswagen has taken care of giving it a "friendly" look.

And as could be seen in the video he shared last year, the robot can also detect the movement of the rest of the cars in the parking lot to avoid accidents, as it has sensors, cameras and laser scanners. And of course, implementing this solution proposed by Volkswagen will also save on infrastructure and turn almost any closed parking space into a loading point.

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