What COVID-19 vaccines will be in your area: here's how Google will inform you

Google has been introducing a multitude of tools with which to inform users about the presence or expansion of COVID-19, such as the layer in Google Maps with which to see its evolution in the regions of Spain. This week the UK became the first country in Europe where coronavirus vaccination began.

In the coming weeks, more countries in Europe are expected to start their vaccination campaigns, including Spain. To let users know more about the vaccines used in each country, Google will give you information about these vaccines when you search.

Google reports on COVID-19 vaccines

There are several vaccines to be distributed among countries in Europe, such as Pfizer or Moderna. Many countries are going to distribute the two vaccines, so many people don't know which one they're going to get for. Google will be very helpful with its new feature by adding information about the vaccines that are available nearby.

Many coVID-19 data has been added these months when using the signature search engine. From contagion data, proven news or prevention tips. Scientific data on these vaccines being used, as well as verified news, will now be introduced to provide as much reliable information as possible for users.

As the UK is the first country to start vaccination, Google launches this feature first in this country. Users who perform related searches in an area where vaccines are being administered will be able to access and other information related to these vaccines. Detailed information about vaccines being used near the user will be included, so you know more about them.

As vaccinations begin in other countries in Europe, Google will expand this information in those countries. In Spain, the vaccination campaign is expected to begin in January, so at some point in January, we will be able to access this information about vaccines directly in the search engine.

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