What's new on telegram, voice chats arrive

From the Telegram blog, they have just announced a new feature that arrives in its new version, the 7.3

These are voice chats, something that was already in the beta version, but that becomes official now coming to all devices.

With this new version, we also have the possibility to move the app to the SD, which helps to save space on mobile, as well as to load the stickers faster.

While on Whatsapp we can open a group and make a call between everyone, Telegram prefers voice chats, to Walkie-Talkie.

We can create them from a group, as shown in the top video that we have put in our TikTok account, and guests will be able to talk to each other with the option of 'push to talk', that is, we press the button to talk and wait for the answer. Administrators will be able to create a voice chat and invite others at any time, without necessarily having to be in the group. You can also copy the link and share it in the group to encourage others to come in.

Other Telegram 7.3 features

As I mentioned before, in addition to voice chats we have the option to load the stickers faster, both static and animated, being possible to visualize the outline first. We can also move the app to SD card on Android, enjoy new animations, get improvements in the multimedia editor (we can edit the sent photos to include effects, for example), more animated emojis, the new way to send suggestions and errors and more.