Whatsapp debuts shopping cart feature

At the gates of Christmas, and with the commercial boom these days for the purchase of gifts, which this year will be especially over the Internet as a safer way, WhatsApp is launching its new shopping cart feature worldwide.

Facebook-owned messaging platform notes that "with carts, people can browse a catalogue, select multiple products, and send the order as a message to the company."

Facilitating shopping through chats

Basically, it is the new feature related to purchases, compatible with the current catalogue function, which simplifies users the indication to companies about those products (there may be several) that they want to purchase, available in their respective catalogues.

This feature will benefit both users and companies themselves, usually small businesses, who have bet on WhatsApp as a (or their only) sales channel, allowing them to track their customers' orders more efficiently.

Times change, and ways to consume as well, with the growing use of chats as a new sales channel, adding that WhatsApp has also been walking in recent years towards a platform that facilitates contact to companies with their potential customers.

With payment capabilities outstanding for expansion

Currently, WhatsApp already has support for payments in India, while in Brazil it has become suspended by the authorities shortly after its launch, although they hope to resume this possibility soon.

It's only a matter of time before in-app payments extend to other territories so users can get a fully complete in-app shopping experience.

Let us also remember that WhatsApp will be, together with Facebook Messenger, the two Facebook platforms that will have Novi, Diem's virtual wallet (formerly called Libra) once this cryptocurrency enters service, so we can also imagine the future possibilities of the main messaging service, as long as companies also support payments on this cryptocurrency.

While users still don't usually see WhatsApp as a sales platform, it's only a matter of time before they change their perception of Facebook's messaging service.

And with changes in terms and conditions just around the corner

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has taken advantage of the current situation, Christmas + online shopping, for the launch of this feature.

With the future panorama in mind, according to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will force you to accept the new terms and conditions you will offer from February 8, if the date is not changed over these months, or else you will be blocking accounts.

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