WhatsApp is updated with new backgrounds, better search and more stickers

WhatsApp remains the flagship communication app in countries such as Spain or India, and the pandemic has only strengthened its position.

Now the company has announced an update to its application with three big changes, one of them related to wallpapers, which will improve a lot.

Custom wallpapers

The first novelty is one that we told you a few days ago, which allows you to put different wallpapers to each chat. Also, we can overlay the typical icon mark on any image. This feature, which was only in the trial version, now reaches everyone.

What we didn't know is that the app will also include as standard new really eye-catching wallpapers, inspired by nature and architecture. This is something that was already missing and is that the serial wallpapers were very outdated, although we could always use ours.

Finally, you can set a different wallpaper in dark mode, capable of changing automatically when your mobile settings change if you have the night mode programmed. This is perfect for making chats not too dazzling when we use them in bed.

Improved sticker search

WhatsApp se actualiza con nuevos fondos, mejor búsqueda y más stickers

Stickers are becoming more popular, especially among teens and young people, who use them above emojis. Now you can search for them using texts or even using emojis, to find the most suitable sticker at all times.

WHO's a new animated sticker pack?

Finally, WhatsApp incorporates a world health organization sticker pack called "Together at Home" that was already available statically and now comes its animated version.

We will even have it available in Spanish, as well as in 8 other languages.

All these new features will arrive in the next few days to the stable version of WhatsApp so we just have to make sure we have it updated.

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