When you read this article you'll want to uninstall Facebook forever

Facebook collects a lot of information about us and is something we have assumed, but do we really know what information it collects? Thanks to Apple's privacy cards, we've been able to see all the information Facebook gets from us, and it's not short...

The theme of Apple's privacy cards didn't please Facebook at all and now we understand its discomfort. Following the launch of the cards, many users have researched some applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Messenger, etc. and have taken their hands to the head by discovering how much information they collect from us without being fully aware.

This information is not manipulated, or anything, just enter the App Store, search for an app, scroll down and check the privacy cards.

In the case of Facebook, it is even scary everything they collect from us, and we already anticipate that more than half do not serve to make the app work properly, but are the conditions that the company requires us to accept if we want to download your application.

What we see in the previous screenshot is only the reduced version, that is, without the sub-paragraphs and the specific data. On Twitter, several users have uploaded videos and screenshots of Facebook's privacy card to the App Store.

Facebook asks for access to our gallery, location, personal data, contact, addresses, mail, phone number, identifiers that detect the mobile we use, financial information, contacts, search history, device diagnostics, browsing history, data usage, sensitive information, purchase history, physical health, etc.

The blame is not for the privacy tags that Apple has implemented in its app store, but for Facebook and other companies and ourselves, because it's just us who decide whether we want to keep giving away our data, or cut it in the bud and remove those apps from our lives.

Any app you want to appear in the App Store must deliver your privacy tag and if you don't meet Apple's privacy requirements, Cupertino's company may prohibit you from entering your app store. In fact, Apple has already threatened Facebook to remove its apps from the App Store.

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