YouTube wants to end hurtful comments, but its measures are ridiculous

Hate speech is popular these days and more through anonymity that implies, to some extent, the Internet, social media and the like. YouTube will now issue a notice before posting to make sure the submitted comment doesn't incite hate.

YouTube is fully aware of the disrespectful comments on its platform, in fact, it is not uncommon to see a content creator expressing her discomfort in the face of the negative comments she has received in her latest video.

Many creators complain that there are users who simply leave a hurtful comment and leave as if nothing had happened. Such situations can have a background and are that it can be a user profile that seeks to make a fuss with certainly recognized YouTubers to use that prominence in their favour.

Well, it can also be people who have a lot of free time, really. Either way, YouTube wants to stop this wave of free insults that flood your video platform. Wanting to stop this now is like wanting to sweep the sand off the beach on a windy day, it's an impossible task, or at least extremely difficult.

A floating window will appear on YouTube before sending the comment. In that dialogue box, we will be asked if the comment is appropriate or not and invite us to consult its rules. Then we'll have the options to edit comment or post anyway.

Another change that comes, and this time on the side of YouTube content creators and creators, is that the YouTube Studio platform will automatically filter out disrespectful comments so that content creators don't get to see it.

We do not know the extent to which this will prevent unhealthy and hurtful comments from being sent, as only a small percentage facing this notice will be able to reconsider and not send the comment. What do you think?

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