A bug pushes Microsoft to perform an urgent update to the Windows 10 antivirus

Microsoft is reported to be a major bug where certain versions of Windows 10 antivirus have an exploit that makes it easy to download malicious documents to the user's computer.

While the antivirus that comes by default with Windows 10, Microsoft Defender, is our best friend to keep our computer totally safe, in certain circumstances it can become our worst enemy.

Since the Bleeping Computer, they report a new zero-day exploit that affects Windows 10, and along with so many other vulnerabilities. The most troubling error in this regard is the CVE-2021-1647 which is about a remote code execution vulnerability that tricks users into opening a malicious document that is not recognized by the Microsoft Defender antivirus, basically because it would be found corrupt.

Microsoft is already aware of the issue and has moved quickly to fix this security flaw by issuing a solution for that vulnerable version of Microsoft's malware protection engine

In this respect, you won't have to do anything because it's an automatic update that will be issued on your computer as long as you have the Microsoft Defender antivirus with this bug. In this way, both the malware protection engine and the malware definition registry will be kept up to date for both private end-users and businesses.

It was not the only reported bug, as there is another CVE-2021-1648 catalogued vulnerability that would have allowed attackers to elevate the privileges of malicious code. In total, with the security patch just released, up to 83 vulnerabilities found in recent weeks in Windows 10 have been fixed and affected a variety of solutions ranging from your servers to development tools.

While in certain cases it is advisable to have automatic updates paused when such security flaws appear it is advisable to re-enable them to download the latest patches.

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