A helmet for early detection of Alzheimer's dementia

Detecting any type of dementia or neuropsychiatric disorders, including depression, over time is very important for your treatment. The problem is that we only identify the problem when symptoms are evident, and that makes it necessary to work with new systems that help make diagnoses much earlier.

Biotechnology company Amedisys is one of those working on the issue and has introduced an AI-driven therapeutic and early detection platform for brain health.

During CES 2021 we could see how it worked. It is a kind of helmet that performs an EEG (electroencephalogram) brain mapping with a therapeutic device called sync wave.

sync wave has no gel, is portable and works with a mobile app that connects to iMediSync's cloud platform, allowing patients to immediately share their EEG data with health and mental health professionals. This allows control and diagnosis to be done from anywhere, including from your own home.

sync wave also provides a treatment that allows LED photobiomodulation (consisting of a neuromodulatory device that uses nearby infrared light) on the device to help treat the brain when needed. Led therapy of the device works by improving neural activity, optimizing a person's brain, says iMediSync, although there are not many documents that show the guarantee of this system from a scientific point of view.

On diagnosis, iMediSync states that it can more than 90% accurately assess a person's likelihood of progressing to full-scale Alzheimer's disease up to 10 years before a conventional diagnosis can be made.

Although I repeat, they do not give much information about how EEG diagnosis and LED therapy work, on their website they indicate that the device tracks the following indicators: memory impairment, attention impairment, impulsivity, depressive mood, post-traumatic/post-anaesthetic/post-chemotherapeutic cognitive impairment and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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