A major Harvard astronomer is convinced that aliens visited us in 2017

We are beginning 2021, after the year full of cataclysmic, disappearances, deaths, pandemic, etc. Few good things have happened in 2020, although there are always some, and the icing on the cake could be nothing but aliens.

We've been circling the idea of what aliens will look like for hundreds of years, what technology they'll use, where they'll live, how they're watching us, etc. But we also have been without any real evidence at the same time, except those hidden by the world's most powerful governments, Nasa, and the silence kept by those who guard the sky from time to time.

Sci-fi movies and documentaries only fan the flame for knowing more about what we crave to know, but that we would actually run away usurped if we ran into a somewhat strange situation.

Anyone fond of astronomy can confirm that more than one night he has rubbed his eyes because he did not believe what he had seen. And now comes a member of Harvard, an expert and reputed astronomer with the firm conviction that in 2017, what we all thought was a simple meteorite, was an alien ship.

Cinema and television series have idealized our vision of life in space. But the reality is very different. Living in space is dangerous. Let's review some myths about life in space, which are false.

Oumuamua, which is called the object, was crossed out of everything and among all hypotheses appeared from what the alien presence appeared. They finally determined, after several reports and investigations and discussions, that these strange inappropriate movements of an object in space were part of the natural genesis of the space.

Now, more than 3 years later, the head of Harvard's Astronomy department has published a book entirely dedicated to that "encounter with aliens." For more than 200 pages he explains the reasons he has to be so sure that that strange object was an alien ship and was confirmation that there is life in Space and they come to visit us.

Dr Avi Loeb says that this object had not been investigated before and does not correspond in shape or nature to a regular asteroid. Throughout the book, he encourages looking for similar objects to continue the investigation.

Pere this Harvard astronomer is not the only one with wide suspicion, as in 2019 researchers at the University of Maryland wrote an article in the prestigious journal Nature Astronomy. In it, they concluded that the rarity of the object, in terms of shape, colour, movements, and so on, did not coincide with a natural comet.

They do not support the idea that they are an attempt at alien communication, they simply advocate sanity and in their report added that the unusual nature of the object was not enough to conclude that these are aliens.

However, Matthew Knight, co-author of that report, commented that he is a scientist and is not prepared to accept absolute truths, so he cannot close the door to any possibility.

The debate always goes on and on, but we keep a phrase from Dr Avi Loeb, humans are the smartest beings out there.

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