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It is more than reasonable that today you want to hide some photos, videos or files that at first glance can be viewed by anyone with access to your mobile.

That said, as always it is better to prevent than regret, today we will be presenting some vault applications, so that you can store there the information that you consider 100% personal, preventing it from being seen by others.

Keepsafe Photo Vault

To begin with, we'll be mentioning one of the best-known apps within this world of "digital vaults," and it's Keepsafe Photo Vault. This app that has more than 50 million downloads in the Play Store, presents a fairly simple interface within itself, showing the classified folders in order, ranging from photos to videos and files in general.

Of course, to access this area you must go through the authentication options that were previously chosen, such as patterns, PIN and sensor for the footprint. In addition to this, the app also has advanced security options, such as intruder alerts and log attempts to access the vault. If you are interested, you can download it for free from Google play, however, some of the extra features you get are by using the paid version.

Keepsafe Photo Vault: Ocultar fotos con seguridad - Aplicaciones en Google Play

LockMyPix Private Box

Regarding LockMyPix, it can be safely said that it is also one of the best options that can be found, and is that the various security options for photographs and videos that offer leave a good taste of mouth when using it. It features government AES encryption and fake logins, not to mention that it can also create even a fake vault.

These security preventions are a marvel if the mobile gets into the wrong hands, which can happen to anyone, and the best thing is that encryption does steven allow you to screenshot the content. It has its free version and also a premium version, which can be used for free if you have Google Play Pass.

Ocultar imágenes y vídeos: LockMyPix Caja Privada - Aplicaciones en Google Play

Hide photos, videos

Although it has a certain generic name, this application is quite presentable and has reasons to be at the top. As for its general features, it has support for storing photos, videos and files, being able to transfer what you want to store from any third-party application, which avoids time compared to other apps.

You also have the possibility to make backups from Google Drive, which is positive. The only factor that plays against the application, is that as such so far it has no file encryption, so someone skilled in computers and technology could still access the information. If you want to purchase it you can do it from the Play Store for free, although there is also a fairly inexpensive option to disable the premium version.

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