Be careful if you receive this email from Amazon, it's a scam to steal your account

We often receive emails that we usually ignore or that the Gmail system or email service we use detects it as spam and doesn't even show it to us. But some emails exceed all those filters and in times of rebates and returns, scams with Amazon proliferate.

This is an email that impersonates Amazon. A short text that comes with a link and is sent from a rather suspicious address.

If we are regular Amazon customers we will be able to distinguish an official account from a fake one and also if the intrusion into our account has actually happened the communication would be in our language, not in English.

In the mail, we are informed that someone has made a purchase from our account but on another device that is supposedly not our usual. In other words, someone has accessed our Amazon account.

A priori this is serious, as amazon's account is linked to our bank account and if we are robbed of the Amazon account they can make purchases using our money.

Following the text of the email, we are told that for security reasons we have to update our account. We are asked to verify it within 24 hours or it will be blocked.

They then give us a link in the form of a button that supposedly leads us directly to verification of our account. But let's not kid ourselves, behind that button is a fake Amazon website that asks us for our credentials to access our account.

That is, we are giving away our private and bank details to a group of cyber criminals simply by receiving a false email.

Why is it a fake email?

We are 100% sure that this is a phishing attack that impersonates Amazon for several reasons that we will detail below:

  • When Amazon writes to us, it's because we've gotten in touch with them before.
  • It's not Amazon's official email address.
  • It is not written in our language, i.e. the official language of the country in which we have the account.
  • If Amazon notifies us of anything, it addresses us by name, not a generic greeting.
  • Amazon emails consist of long texts with detailed information and official links.

Up here we have left a real notice of attempted access to our account. For example, if we have a new mobile and access Amazon, we receive this email.

This email complies with the personalized greeting, detailed information, official links, official mail and even in the bottom there is an explanation of why that email is official from Amazon. It is important to detect a scam email to get rid of falling into the multiple traps that cybercriminals do not put on the Internet.

Amazon or any social network, web or application is best accessed from official channels. And one last tip as a bonus track, if we receive an email from the bank and are asked to log into the account from a link, we better go straight to the official app or enter ourselves from the browser. The links we don't know, better ignore them.

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