Beware: This WhatsApp message infects your Android phone with malware

Although many users are abandoning WhatsApp after updating their terms of use, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app remains one of the most widely used worldwide. For this reason, cybercriminals often use it as a channel for malware distribution.

Now there is active a new campaign that uses WhatsApp to infect your Android mobile, so extreme caution to keep your smartphone safe.

Lukas Stefanko, the researcher at security firm ESET, alerts you through your Twitter account that an Android virus is being distributed via a WhatsApp message. Apparently, the message is automatically sent to the contacts of a user who has been infected, so be careful because it can be forwarded by a person you know, without you no longer realizing what happened.

The message in question offers a link to a fake Huawei app and promises that you can win a mobile phone if you install it. The link text directs you to Google Play, but actually a hoax, and when you click it comes to a malicious page that mimics the design and features of the Google app store.

When you install the app, the victim's mobile is infected by a worm for Android. It prompts the user for several permissions that allow them to execute their malicious functions, including access to notifications, background execution, or the ability to overlap other applications.

With all these permissions in its possession, the virus tricks the victim into falling into an adware scam or subscribing to unwanted services. Also, when accessing notifications, it uses the Quick Reply WhatsApp feature from the notification to distribute the malicious app link to everyone who writes to the user.

Therefore, if you receive a message of these features, do not follow the link and do not install anything on your mobile, even if you trust the person who sends it to you.

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