China built a superfast train that runs at a speed of 620 Kmph without a wheel

In the field of technology, China has always done something different. This time China has created a 'superfast train', which can run on the track at a speed of 620 kilometers per hour without a wheel. This Floating Train of China remains a center of attraction these days.

According to the news of China's Xinhua News, China has recently launched a new high-speed 'maglev train'. This unshielded train is capable of running at a speed of 620 Kmph. Train scientists and researchers are working on increasing its speed to 800 Kmph.

Scientists of China's 'Jiaotong University' have prepared this special. This unmanned 'magnetic levitation train' has been developed with 'High-Temperature Superconducting' (HTS) technology, which runs on the track with the help of magnets. Due to the magnetic track, this train runs at high speed. Seeing this 69 feet long train, it seems as if it is floating on the track.

This high-speed 'maglev train' was unveiled with great pomp in Chengdu, China. However, its operation (in the use of common people) may still take some time. Researchers are hoping to fully operationalize it in the next 3 to 10 years.

China's purpose behind running the new 'maglev train' is to provide the facility of fast mobility options to its people. With the help of this train running at a speed of 620 kilometers per hour, London to Paris can be reached in just 47 minutes.

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