FAU-G the mobile game with 1 million downloads on its first day

Released on the 72nd anniversary of the Republic of India, the mobile action game FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards) seems to have become a sensation within the gaming community of this country. This, having obtained more than a million downloads on its first day.

Why this resounding success? To understand this we need to go back to 2020. This year the Indian government exercised a ban on the Chinese mobile action game PUBG because of tensions between India and the Asian nation.

This action caused developer nCore Games, located in the city of Bangalore, to take the initiative to announce the creation of a local version of this game known as FAU-G, made entirely in India.

FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards

The news generated much anticipation among the enthusiastic gamers of that nation, also coupled with the fact that Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar would be directly involved in the project, contributing from the title to the title song.

In the words of nCORE Games co-founder and president Vishal Gondal, FAU-G is the developers' effort to create authentic Indian stories, which is why he believes the game has had such a pleasant reception.

He also added that, unlike other markets such as streaming, gaming is the only one where Indians had not had the opportunity to access material allusive to their culture.

He also stated that his mission with this game was to offer Indian audiences an alternative to the large number of Chinese and Korean games that flood the mobile gaming market in this country.

He feels that with FAU-G the local public will be able to relate and connect with the premise offered by its dynamics, which focuses fully on the faujis (Indian military personnel in Hindi) and their exploits on different battle scenarios.

So far it is unknown whether FAU-G will be available to other countries outside India. We will have to wait for their success to continue to scale and see if their developers contemplate this possibility in the short term.

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