Filtering the Redmi K40: 2 processor versions, 35-hours battery and the most expensive display on the market

When there's a lot of anticipation about a cell phone, a leak will relieve us. This time, the Redmi K40 has been seen almost entirely, not its design, but everything else.

For this mobile to come to light, there are still a few weeks left, but it is very interesting to see that little by little they are letting themselves be seen. Besides, they are not leaks of anyone, but the information comes directly from Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi and CEO of Redmi.

In addition to Weibo, Lu Weibing has shown a capture of the Redmi K40 where battery usage can be appreciated. In the screenshot, you see that the terminal takes more than 10 hours of the screen and still has a 64% battery. This means that the impending Redmi K40 would have a range of more than 35 hours.

That is, with that mobile in our hands we could forget about the charger during the weekend, for example. The negative thing about the information is that it is not revealed whether Lu Weibing has made intensive use, which would be the truly eye-catching, or has made medium or low use of the terminal that has allowed it to stretch the battery up to 10.5 hours of screen.

Despite these good results, it is unknown how much capacity the battery will be. Although in the case of the duration of this, power management by software also comes into play.

The display of the Redmi K40 will be OLED with a 120 Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 2400 x 1080. Also, as the company's own members pointed out, it will be the most expensive screen in the industry. It is also known that there will be several versions of RAM and ROM and that it will have 5G connectivity.

Now Wang Teng, product manager of Xiaomi and Redmi, enters the scene. Through Weibo, they have leaked the impending Redmi K40 where he says that the terminal will have more than one version and not just the one knew about Snapdragon 888.

Does that mean a cell phone will arrive with two processors? Not necessarily. This means that there will be versions with the Snapdragon 888 and other versions with the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor. Something very similar to what Samsung does, which depending on the market to which it runs its Galaxy, will come to us with one processor or another.

Concerning the price, and if forecasts were met, we would be on mobile with the cheapest Snapdragon 888 on the market. The departure price of the Redmi K40 will be $463.

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