Found another malicious app that's wreaking havoc on Android

The Android universe is constantly being the target of attempted attacks with malicious apps. Google guarantees the protection of your system, but has points where you can bypass security.

A new source of problems has been discovered and it all comes down again to one app. This got bythe way of Google's review and has been exploring users for a while. This is another app that should be immediately removed from the smartphone.

A new threat to Android

Despite all the security That Google has brought to Android and the Play Store, attackers have increased their malicious actions. More and more app are found with malware and ransomware and trying to take advantage of users' data.

A new attack was recently discovered by Pradeo and focuses on a single app. Called the Daily Food Diary, it was based on capturing food images and scheduling reminders. Its success has been great, with more than 10,000 downloads.

A simple app compromises the Play Store

From what was revealed,the app managed to bypass the Play Protect check very creatively. Hid the malicious code in an encrypted file in a folder called 0OO00l111l1l. It was able to detect whether it was running on an emulator, and thus would not execute malicious code so as not to be discovered.

New malware on Google Play: How this app made it through Play Protect (

Another discovery that was made reveals that this app would be associated with joker malware. It has been present in the Play Store several times, with more than 1700 apps, which have since been removed from the Android app store. Also the Daily Food Diary was however removed.

Easily brought problems to the smartphone

This app asked for strange permissions for such an app. The first was to run in the background and start on android startup. This allowed data collection to be permanent. He constantly asked for access to contacts and call management, rejecting them to prevent them from being interrupted.

Of course, the Daily Food Diary app should be removed immediately if it is installed. Google has already tried to remove it from the Play Store, but users who are still present must manually remove it.

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