Galaxy S21 camera can remove people from photos

The Samsung Galaxy S21 presented yesterday promises to be high-performance terminals in every way, and that includes the photo section. However, as we counted in our contact, the hardware section is not very different from the one we saw on the Galaxy S20.

Samsung has put more effort than usual into improving photographic aspects that go beyond the amount of Mpx or the type of sensor.

A good example is a stabilization that is achieved in zooms of more than 20x on these terminals.

Using the smart artificial on the camera of the Galaxy S21

Samsung's new camera app has changed quite a bit, offering new filters in real-time and adding some advanced features to image editing, especially making use of the artificial intelligence of the new processors, the Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100.

The most striking is the one that allows us to remove people from a photo with a simple tap. This has been possible for years with programs like Photoshop, which recently also included these advanced object recognition features.

This new option is within the image editing functions and allows us to select people from a photo by simply tapping on it.

When we do this it will be shaded in a grey colour that will indicate the area that will be removed, and the background will be redrawn following the tones and structure of the rest of the image.

Samsung has indicated that this feature will be available on other models in coming months so we assume that it is one of the functions of One UI 3.1, the version of the interface that this S21s release.

It's about to see how it works with other types of objects and whether it greatly influences the background of the photo.

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