Google is testing purchases from YouTube videos

Google is testing a new way to generate revenue from YouTube channels.

We've already seen the different initiatives YouTube gives content creators to monetize their channels. However, YouTube now wants to be a little more direct by offering users the ability to buy directly from videos.

You can buy directly from YouTube videos

At the moment, this mode of shopping links integrated into the videos is part of a pilot that is carried out with a group of selected creators. The idea is that creators can offer some of the products they mention in their videos, allowing the user to start the purchase directly from YouTube using the links.

For example, if it's a cooking tutorial or a recipe channel, the YouTuber may include those utensils or artefacts you use for meals, or if it's a training class, you might suggest, for example, certain clothes or dumbbells.

To do this, the user just taps on the purchase icon that you will see in the video for YouTube to show all the featured products. You can start the purchase process or simply search for more information about the product you are interested in, as YouTube will also present you with related videos. Too many details of this system are not yet mentioned, for example, how the process will be carried out or whether there will be any commissions.

Perhaps some may find it too invasive an advertising dynamic, but for other users, it might be interesting, as it would save them from searching for the product on their own on the internet. And of course, they have the bonus of buying a product recommended by their favourite YouTuber on a reliable site.

At the moment, this dynamic will only be visible to users in the United States, whether they see YouTube from the version or the iOS and Android apps. But it could extend you to other markets by the end of 2021.

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