Google teaches you how to make an Android origami in this fun tutorial

Beyond the mobiles and various brands that make up the ecosystem, the Android figure is already known to few, and already very present in general culture.

The iconic Android figure, known to many like Andy or Bugdroid, is full of charisma, and Google has created a friendly video in which they teach us how we can create our own Origami Android at home, ideal for staying home this cold weekend.

Create your own origami Android with exte google tutorial

Lisa Nguyen Quang Do, a software engineer at Google, created a guide for Android and papyroflexia lovers a few months ago in which we could create our own paper Android. This guide has ended up following Seang Chau, engineering VP on Google recording the process on the official Android Developers channel to welcome 2021.

It is a simple tutorial, in which from a sheet of paper of 15 x 15 cm you can create your own Android. In the video, they use a sheet of green paper, but we can use any colour or even a blank sheet to colour it to our liking once we have finished the folds.

If you are curious to know all the steps in detail, we can download the PDF with all the steps to follow to get your own Android doll assembled, which you can also see in our gallery. The guide is 30 steps, and if you manage to follow it step by step you will have your own paper Android, a very nice element to decorate the house while showing your passion for Android. By creating them in white and colouring them you can even create your Android family.

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