Guest mode arrives at google assistant

With the rise of smart speakers and displays, and with a growing concern for online privacy, Google has just officially launched the new Guest Mode for its virtual assistant, allowing users to interact with compatible speakers and smart displays, without anything being recorded in their respective accounts, without also offering personalized results to the queries made.

To activate Guest Mode, users must set the voice command: "Ok Google, activate the guest mode", being able to know that they are already in that mode by looking at a new icon on the screen and getting a different type of timbre, although in case you are faced with a smart speaker, to get out of doubt just ask "Ok Google, Is guest mode enabled?»

Google notes that within Guest Mode, users will still be able to manage their connected devices, play music, set timers, among other popular features.

Once you want to exit Guest Mode, simply tell the Google Assistant: "Ok Google, turn off guest mode".

The new privacy option for Google Assistant

This is the latest of google's privacy-focused capabilities it has been giving to its virtual assistant.

The company also recalls that last year it was possible to adjust the sensitivity to avoid accidental activations, although users also have the possibility to ask the Assistant to delete the activity from the account itself.

This novelty will be of particular interest to those who have shared devices, such as a smart screen available in the kitchen and within reach of all residents in the same household, or similarly, you have a smart speaker in a room shared by multiple people.

It is also ideal if you have guests who also want to make their own queries on the device itself, preventing any activity from being recorded in any user account.

Philippe de Lurand Pierre-Paul, Product Manager at Google, notes in the announcement that this feature has allowed him to receive suggestions for Christmas Eve meal recipes on his smart screen under Guest Mode, without being recorded in his account history, and therefore can appear for another family member, thus surprising his family on that family night.

It further adds that:

When you use your Guest Mode Assistant to interact with other apps and services, such as Google Maps, YouTube, or smart home and media services, those apps can still save that activity

The new Guest Mode is now available as of today. Google has enabled a page that provides more information.

Coincidentally, just one year ago a feature also called Guest Mode was removed, which until then allowed guests to stream content from their mobiles to other people's smart speakers without being under the same WiFi network.

It will be a matter of activating it at times when we deem it necessary according to our choice.

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