How to check which apps have access to your location on Android

Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube and many more. Do you know how many apps can locate you with your mobile data? We tell you how to check and remove permissions.

When it comes to starting to use an application we must give a series of permissions for that app to use the sensors of our smartphone. Access to the camera, calendar, contacts and location among others, but are you aware of all the apps you've given these permissions to?

It's normal to come up with apps that we've given more permissions than we'd like, rush or treacherousness betray us, or we just gave permission a long time ago and we no longer remember it There's an easy way to review this aspect on Android and update the list of apps that know where you are.

The first thing you need to do is enter your phone's settings, as a rule, you can find them in the app drawer or by displaying the top menu of the screen, there is the gear symbolizing the settings on all Android phones. Once inside, look for the Privacy section.

Here the options vary depending on the model or layer of customization that the brand of your smartphone has installed. Most commonly, there is a section called Permission Manager or Permission Manager, look for a similar option in the Privacy menu.

Keep in mind that if you use the settings search bar from the beginning, you can access them faster, without spending time searching between the different menus. Enter permissions and you'll get to this section quickly. Here, you'll see a selection of services and sensors or mobile items for which apps should ask permission, such as Location or Location Services.

Click on the sensor you are interested in and you will access a list of all the applications that may or may not see that data for its operation. There are 3 sections, the ones that have permission to check your location at all times, which can only be used when they are being used or those that never have permission but ask for it.

Google Maps, for example, needs to be always connected to share your location with family or friends. That's why when you try to change its settings it warns you that some basic functions stop working. You decide whether to take that risk and only allow it access to your location when you're using it.

So you can operate with all other apps and permissions, remove them or give them as you need them and verify that the latest applications you have installed do not record more data than necessary or reasonable.

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