Huawei hires former president of brazil to advise on 5g

Temer was not a very popular president in Brazil. He was not elected by the population, he was the one who took office after Dilma's expulsion, and when the subsequent elections arrived (which the current Bolsonaro won) he did not get any representation.

Among Brazilians he was always considered a president without a defined personality, uncharismatic, cold... even though he didn't lack knowledge, that's true.

The case is that now, almost three years after leaving the "Brazilian throne", Huawei has hired Michel Temer as an advisor to be able to ensure his stay in the local market at a time when the next generation 5G wireless network auction is approaching.

Huawei recruta Michel Temer para defender presença no 5G do Brasil | Telecomunicações | Tecnoblog

During this year the 5G auction of the country will be held, something that was scheduled for March 2020, and Huawei must be present, after being expelled from several countries, prohibited from supplying equipment to operators.

Michel Temer doesn't know much about technology, he's a professor of constitutional law and a lawyer, but he has in-depth knowledge of the laws and politics in Brazil, and that's something Huawei values very much right now.

The problem is that Temer is charged with irregularities on various charges, including bribery and money laundering, and was briefly arrested in 2019 as part of the Lavajato anti-corruption working group, so this hiring can soil Huawei's image.

Surely the Chinese company seeks its proximity to the current owner Jair Bolsonaro and the contact with its network of allies of Congress, in fact, it was responsible for the appointment of the current chairman of the board of the Brazilian telecommunications agency Anatel, Leonardo Euler de Morais, who remains in office until November 2021.

Bolsonaro, the current president, has already said on some occasions that he prefers to avoid Huawei in Brazil, although he surely did so to get closer to the opinion of Trump, who is no longer in power, so the situation changes quite a bit.

Curiously, 5G implementation decisions depend on political and non-economic or technological variables, but that is the world in which we live.

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