Microsoft teams prepare a feature that will help us get up to date with lost meetings

Video conferencing and virtual meetings per job are already part of our routine. And sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the content that comes up, and in a time of distraction, we lose important information.

Microsoft Teams wants to ease this burden with a new feature that promises to give you a summary of the meeting so you can review important points.

Microsoft Teams to create a summary of meetings

It's not yet a feature that's available, but it's listed in the Microsoft team roadmap as one of the new features that will be released this year. What's this about?

The idea is that teams can have a summary of the meeting you just finished, and have all the content shared at hand to review, as well as the main points of the conversation. This summary will include the transcript of the meeting, the recording, shared files, chats, among other elements that have been part of the video call.

All this information will be available in the "Meeting Details" section. So all participants will be able to go to this section to review the material, review their notes or download the content that was shared during the video call. It's a practical idea that will help us keep up with meetings we've missed or if we had to leave the video conference with our team first.

And of course, there's never any need to go over the instructions that have been shared about a project or a customer's directions to improve our work. At the moment, there are no further details about this feature, but it will surely depend on the type of configuration that the meeting administrator sets.

Some bosses may enable this feature as extra help for their work teams, and others may prefer to keep it inactive if the meeting handles sensitive content. The Microsoft team has not given a specific date for the release of this feature, so we'll have to wait for future updates.

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