Netflix prepares a feature so you don't waste time looking for what to watch

While Netflix has a lot of content to watch, it's frustrating to browse the platform looking for which movie to watch or what new series can entertain us in the next few hours.

But Netflix seems to have a solution to this dilemma. As mentioned, it prepares a new feature that will avoid frustration and save us time.

New feature with Netflix suggestions

Netflix plans to implement a new "Play Something" button that will offer instant suggestions that will play on the go. Yes, Netflix will choose for you.

To implement this function, it will take control of its algorithm and what it knows about your tastes and preferences thanks to your history on the platform. So it can be a series with a theme related to the content you like, a movie, or maybe a documentary. Or I might suggest you continue with a series or movie you left halfway through.

The user won't be able to know what type of content Netflix will propose, as it won't show you options, it will just play, so you'll have to be open to any suggestions. This feature is different from the option it tried a few years ago by Netflix, which was releasing random episodes of a series, as random playback now includes all the content you think you might be interested in.

In the first stage, this feature is intended for TV, but will surely extend to the web version and mobile apps of Netflix. It's a simple dynamic, which adds to Netflix's many suggestions, but it'll save you from spinning around the platform or asking a friend to suggest a weekend title.

This feature has been in testing for some time, and based on the results shared by Netflix, users liked this dynamic. So they plan to launch it globally in the coming months.

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