Not everyone is happy about Flash's disappearance: in South Africa they're going to continue to use it with their own browser

We recently informed you that Adobe Flash Player is already part of the story after disappearing from the company's own servers and being removed in browsers, but it may not be entirely true. In South Africa, they have decided to continue using it, at least for a while.

Although for more than a year we knew that adobe flash player is blocked would disappear from our lives and that this would put an end to many of the problems, not everyone has made the transition. We well know that sometimes governments suffer problems with some tools, in Spain, it happens with digital certificates that can only be used in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, and in South Africa, something similar is happening.

South African Revenue Service (SARS), the tax management service, will continue to use Flash because it has not updated the system, but as browsers reject this technology today, they have decided to create their own Chromium-based version, as reported in Input.

By not offering an alternative to adobe flash player is blocked, the citizens cannot manage their statements: forms are inactive and information is not saved. Faced with this situation, the South African Revenue Service they have decided that it was best to create a browser, not update their systems.

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Without a doubt, this is an eye-catching option for the work it entails, much more than updating its pages, but the browser is ready to be downloaded, only supports Windows, and only allows access to the SARS page. Fortunately for citizens, it seems that no problems have arisen once it has been launched.

One might think whether such measures further increase the dreaded digital divide in society. Download a new browser, install it, follow the instructions you have published... It will surely be a headache for many to be able to carry out their administrative efforts.

Surely, they will soon update their pages and permanently remove Flash from the system, but as an anecdote, it never ceases to amaze: the path they have taken is shocking because it gives away great improvisation and having chosen the most convoluted option.