Nova launcher gets new features and animations in the latest beta version


Millions of android mobiles around the world use Nova Launcher to personalize their experience. We can customize icons and home screens, and with the new version, even in beta mode, it is possible to expand its possibilities.

Nova Launcher offers a simple yet customizable experience, in fact, it is one of the most popular launchers in the world, and its beta version 7.0 is very attractive.

The beta version is based on Launcher3 of AOSP, which means that you'll have updated images and animations in addition to the rewritten code. While the launch approach is to update the code base, a lot of new features will also arrive, including new icon settings and UI changes.

The update includes new backgrounds in the application folders, new scroll system, new search field... before going out to the final version its creators are looking for new ideas on their Discord channel.

To test the beta and actively participate in its news you have to access this link and confirm that you want to be part of the beta world of Nova Launcher. You will then receive an update in the app, although it is important to note that, as in any beta version, there may be some bugs.

The discord channel of the app, by the way, is located in this link, ideal for real fans who want to give feedback and get news before anyone else.

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