Razer gaming chair with roll-up screen covering the entire field of view

Rolling screens look like they're going to revolutionize mobiles, but they could also take video games to a whole new level if you look at what this spectacular Razer gamer chair offers.

In CES 2021 hundreds of new products have been introduced, which will go on sale in the coming months. But traditionally it's also a place where revolutionary concepts and ideas are presented, as is the case with Project Brooklyn, the first gaming chair with the built-in roll-up screen.

On many occasions, such prototypes presented at fairs never get to market, but Razer intends to go all the way. It is a company that has always liked to risk, as it often sells extravagant but very practical innovations. Such as a transparent gamer mask with a microphone and built-in fan.

This week we were surprised by Project Brooklyn, a gamer chair with a spectacular roll-up screen that unfolds in front of the player's face, covering his full viewing angle. 

It is a chair made of carbon fibre and leather seat, with built-in tactile feedback.

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Ergonomic armrests are designed to be able to use an integrated table, where the keyboard and mouse rest. And of course, essential in any well-known gamer accessory, with built-in RGB lighting.

But the most spectacular thing is by far the 60-inch roll-up OLED display, which unfolds from the back to the front.

This screen is also curved, so it covers the player's entire viewing angle, causing a dive that cannot be achieved outside of virtual reality.

At the moment Razer has not communicated when he will put this gaming chair up for sale, or its price.

Rolling OLED displays will take centre stage starting this year, especially in the mobile phone market. A few days ago LG introduced its prototype smartphone with the roll-up screen.

Technically they are already possible, but aspects such as price, or durability and strength remain to be polished.

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